This is a post for remembering that rainbows exist. When I first sat down to write a November post it was two weeks ago and I was feeling terribly sulky; the world continued to be dark and cruel and I was only myself, small and afraid and all too easily exhausted. I meant to write about art, and having bad days, and somehow persisting despite discouragement, and yet still never quite being sure about anything being worth it, and living (somehow) with that uncertainty. This…Continue Reading “Multitudes”

I have been doing Inktober in bits and pieces still, but my output — along with everything else work- or productivity-wise — dropped off drastically after my partner was diagnosed with shingles (not good, but could be dealt with as she would eventually recover) and my darling dog was diagnosed with a serious heart problem (terrible, and… er, not really promising in terms of recovery) in the same day. One thing that has always killed my art output in the past has been medical +…Continue Reading “Inktober 2017: Consternation, rapture, fall”

In the spirit of being more open with you all and less afraid: some sketches. I’m sorry I don’t have the energy to do extended commentary on them; if I told myself to do commentary on them this would (as with Madeleine) take months to post! But if you have any specific questions I’m happy to answer them. I did this and the next two sketches during a sunlight-filled art day with my wonderful friend Fran Wilde, who has a great eye, skillful hands, a…Continue Reading “Sketchy bits and pieces”

When Aliette de Bodard asked me if I would like to do character portraits of her characters from her novel The House of Binding Thorns, I leapt at the chance. Quite literally: I was lounging on the couch when I read her message, and I jumped up across the arm of it and ended up on the floor, rolling around from too much glee. It’s difficult for me to articulate all my feelings about Binding Thorns; it is one of those books that I found…Continue Reading “Finding salvation in shadows”

I’m writing this with my little netbook balanced on my stomach, my back flat against the floor. It’s one of those days when pain takes centre stage and one has to work gingerly around it; for me, this means staying home instead of going to the hackathon where I was meant to be a design coach, and doing things remotely through Google Hangouts and Slack. Yay technology! It’s not just the physical pain, though. I’ve been failing a lot with art this week, and that…Continue Reading “On learning to fail and other painful lessons”