Become a patron

Becoming a patron is one of the best ways to support my art. Having the support of my patron community enables me to do projects that I would not otherwise have a chance to work on; projects such as The Magnificent Ones, a series of illustrations featuring the monstrous, extraordinary women of Filipino mythology, and Sinag at Adarna, an illustrated novelette that is a queer retelling of the Tagalog fairy tale Ibong Adarna.

Patrons also have access to additional content: behind-the-scenes posts, where I show pictures of my workspace and discuss how I work; process posts, where I show the various stages of work on a particular piece; and assorted updates and ramblings, including sneak peeks at my writing drafts. I also do art round-up posts, of course! For an example of the kind of content my patrons receive, please check out my first Inktober 2017 post and Guard growth / ease pain.

All patrons have a discount for items in my shop, get entered in giveaways and other things I run, and higher-tier patrons get bits of art in the mail whenever I can manage.

I keep an archive of my patron-only posts on this site. The system I use to run the patron system is Patreon, which is a pretty good pledge management system that takes several payment methods and allows you to change your patronage at any time you like.

I’d love to welcome you to the Likhain patron community, and of course, if you have any questions please just ask me!