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Inktober 2017: Consternation, rapture, fall

I have been doing Inktober in bits and pieces still, but my output — along with everything else work- or productivity-wise — dropped off drastically after my partner was diagnosed with shingles (not good, but could be dealt with as she would eventually recover) and my darling dog was diagnosed with a serious heart problem (terrible, and… er, not really promising in terms of recovery) in the same day.

One thing that has always killed my art output in the past has been medical + financial stress. The pattern holds true. I spent a few days frantically trying to get my art originals shop back in working order. It’s not quite there yet, though. I have had a lot on my plate.

So, please forgive the lack of commentary on most of these pieces. Words are hard; I’m behind on work; I– Well, things are tough right now.

The last one is a piece inked over a failed experiment (the yellow and orange splotches). The yellow and orange parts are also ink, done… at least two years ago, now. After getting bad news about my beloved dog I just needed something to occupy my hands so I wouldn’t break down. So I went through old sketchbooks, found this, and sat down with a bottle of violet acrylic ink and a pointed pen. And started inking.

The last one is not quite finished; unlike the rest of the pieces, it’s ink over watercolor. Again with an abandoned piece — this time pencils that I ended up not quite liking. I did some very vague watercolour splotchy painting over it, then sat down with a brush pen and inked hair.

I do not think it is very good, in terms of execution or concept. But it was a thing that I could do, rather than being afraid, or worried, or terribly, terribly sad.

It is mostly finished, I think. I may do a very tiny bit of detail-polishing (perhaps just around the mouth) tomorrow morning. I’m pleased that I can still do fine lines even with a brush, at least.

The featured image up top (and here, below) is my work desk (the living room coffee table, these days) while I was inking that piece. You can see some watercolour postcards as well — these are things I’m hoping to send to $10+ patrons before December, as a year-end thank-you.

One last thing to show you: Teddy, a few days into his medication. He looks quite sleepy here, but he has been doing noticeably better since we started him on his medication, so I’m thankful that we’re able to make him more comfortable, at least. He is my adorable fluffy boy.

Some time ago when I first posted about what I and my family are going through, some very kind people said to say what I needed in terms of help. Right now, because of Teddy’s huge vet bills and ongoing medical expenses, we’re experiencing unexpected financial stress. So what would really help me is if you could signal-boost or share my Patreon link with friends and people you know, or people on your networks — my Patreon funds are a massive help right now.

Thank you so much — for your generosity, and kindness, and care; for being here. I hope that as we enter the last two months of the year, you find yourself in a good place, surrounded by people who love you, with many moments of joy and contentment. I’ll try to keep going and doing more art.


One thought on “Inktober 2017: Consternation, rapture, fall

  1. *sends many hugs*

    All your inktober pieces are lovely—such intricate, well-constructed, awesomely composed detail done in beautiful inks. And the last piece you mention, ink over watercolor, is excellent to my eye, even if you feel it’s not your best work. I’m an animist, so I think the concept of the last piece is a great visualization of how I see kami. I love it the best of these.

    Please don’t worry about lack of captions. This is a hard time for you and your family, so please take care.

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