This will now be a thing (or at least I’ll try my best to make it so): or as often as I can, I’ll post a bit of brightness — color, a nice photo, whatever creative thing I’m working on — to this blog. It might be every day (ahah), it might even be several times a day… or it might be once a week. Trying not to pressure myself! I thought it would be a good idea to start posting again, for all that I can only do little things and may not have very much to say. So we’ll see how that goes!

If you’re looking for my work, my portfolios are a good place to start. ArtStation has my public portfolio, and I have a private one with unpublished content for editors/publishers/authors.

To start with, the ruler of the universe that is my studio: Princess Temmie, spoilt child and much-adored cat.


queen of her domain


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