A work in progress: commissioned calligraphy painting, which I’m currently working on with watercolor and lots of waiting for layers to dry. I love doing calligraphy paintings and I’m going to be trying a few new things with this one, so it’s really fun! (Full size.)

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Guard growth / ease pain

“Today’s agenda,” I told myself as I curled up into a ball of miserable pre-menstrual cramps this cold rainy morning, “is to be kind to myself because OW PAIN, and also a Patreon post.” This is that post. I always want to get better. As an artist, as a person — that’s without question. Better…

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classification blues — and magentas

My desk, with an assortment of fountain ink samples sent by lovely friends. (Full size.) (It’s been a while! Sorry about that. Life got very difficult very quickly. Hoping everything’s resolved soon.)

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